The Ultimate Packing Guide

Holiday packing can be a daunting task; hours can be spent deliberating over what outfits to fill your suitcase with, or are you a last minute packer that throws in a heap of clothes and hopes for the best when it comes to the dreaded airport suitcase weigh in? 

How to ensure your suitcase isn't too heavy when packing

How do I pack without my suitcase being too heavy?

We highly recommend that you travel with an airline that allows a small suitcase to be taken on as hand luggage (55 x 40 x 20 cm). You will be surprised at how much you can fit into these and you should use this for all of your favourite and most valuable items, including makeup, although remember there is a 100ml hand luggage limit on liquids. You should be able to fit in all of your bikinis and good outfits if you fold them well, together with a few pairs of heels and sandals. In your large suitcase pack what you wear for bed, underwear, remaining shoes, hair products and body lotion/suncreams, hairdryer and straighteners. 

Another reason we suggest packing in this way is if your suitcase were to get lost you won't be that person left heartbroken at the conveyor belt with no clothes for your trip.

How to pack your suitcase like a pro

Should I fold my clothes or roll them when packing?

Rolling your clothes is great for lightweight items such as t-shirts, shorts, summer dresses and swimsuits however bulky clothes like jumpers and cardigans take up more space when they are rolled compared to folded. Rolling shirts can cause creasing as the fabric becomes bunched up as you roll so it is always a good idea to fold these when packing into your suitcase. 

What should I pack for my trip?

Download our free packing checklist to assist you with planning your outfits and to ensure you have everything you need. It will help you identify any last minute purchases you need and you can be packed and ready to go within 30 minutes. Preparation is key, and fun!

Do you have any holiday style tips?

  • Pack 3 outfits per day - sounds excessive but you need a morning outfit for breakfast and lounging by the pool, so a kimono to cover a bikini which enough coverage to enter a restaurant. Then an outfit for the daytime; are you going on an excursion or for a wander around town? (see packing checklist). Finally you need a glamorous evening outfit - even if you are eating at your hotel, who doesn't love to look excessively glam on holiday? If you are going for longer than 7 days consider restyling your outfits rather than packing more. 

Pretty Lavish Mid-Length Blue Draped Kimono - Holiday outfit inspo

Pair a kimono with an eye catching swimsuit for the perfect pool party look. The Pretty Lavish draped kimono pictured is available here.

  • Ensure you have the right swimwear - For the morning poolside lounge you should take a few basic bikinis that allow an even tan coverage, these can be rinsed and recycled. After planning a rough itinerary (see packing checklist) you should have an idea of how many beach days/pool parties you need an eye catching swimsuit for. These should be styled with kimonos or t-shirt and shorts as you will probably enter a bar/restaurant during the day and will not be able to enter if you do not have a cover up. 
  • Packing footwear - It's always a good idea to style your outfits around your shoes so that you can bring away as few as possible. Haviana flip flops are perfect for the pool and beach, you don't want to ruin your gorgeous leather sandals with chlorine or sand. You only need 3 pairs of nice sandals for your entire holiday; black leather, tan leather and a silver or gold pair will cover all of your outfits. Don't forget to bring a pair of trainers, which we recommend wearing to the airport and for if you get any unfortunate weather on your trip (sorry, it can happen!) or if you go on an excursion such as quad biking through a desert. We recommend bringing 2 pairs of heels that cover your evening looks.  

Stay connected on your travels

Don't forget you will need a travel adapter when travelling, we highly recommend purchasing our D-I-S Essential Travel Kit to stay comfortable and connected on your trip. It includes a worldwide travel adapter, a dual power bank to keep you and your travel companion charged up (it has a great battery life of it's own and can charge up to 4 times on one charge) and other accessories such as a handheld fan, ear plugs and eye mask. 

D-I-S Essential Travel Kit - charger, worldwide travel adapter, fan, eye mask and ear plugs

Happy packing, have a great trip!

Click here to download our free packing checklist 


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