Style, with Substance

The fashion world is rapidly changing.  Previously it was a way to express your individuality through beautiful garments that reflect your personality and mood, now its all about following trends and to quote the legendary Karl Lagerferd "Trendy is the last stage before tacky".  

karl lagerfeld

The rise of social media has seen an influx of fast fashion brands that come with a low price tag resulting in a lack of originality and plenty of imitations.  The cycling-shorts-with-just-about-anything-look is so played out my Instagram feed is beginning to look like the Tour de France!  (Guilty!)

cycling shorts with white blouse and harness

There seem to be very few affordable brands who offer those good quality, versatile classic pieces that can be styled in different ways and worn for years. The Instagram generation no longer wear clothes just for themselves but to also gain the adoration and likes from their followers so fashion has become fast. 

Lavish Alice has become one of my firm favourites, with their distinguishable style they do unique-glam so well.  

Lavish Alice Fitted Tuxedo Cape Mini Dress in Forest Green

Stylish people exude confidence through their choice of attire, expressing their personality without words whereas this new fashion obsessed world seems seems to be about putting on a disguise, following trends and impersonating somebody else.  It's so refreshing to see a person embrace who they are and be comfortable enough to let the world know. 

My friends often tag me in pictures of unique pieces "this is so you".  I mean, sometimes they are way off and it can even be offensive BUT I love the fact they associate my style with something that's slightly different. 

So welcome to my world of style, with substance.  Get involved, get in touch and dress how you love, always. Look good, feel good.  

Sarah Chloe x


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