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I met the Curl Connoisseur for some seriously needed Curl Talk and advise on how to manage my curls on holiday; this woman will teach you how to love your curls.  We have all experienced bad curl days but they are much more frequent if you don't care for your hair in the right way.  Having recently gone through the transition journey from chemically relaxed to natural hair I have struggled to find the right products and methods to make my curls consistently pop.  I had scrolled through the many 'before and after' images on Curl Talk's Instagram page ( and saw that there was actually hope for my hair. 

 .  long curly hair care

afro curly hair care

blonde curls

Curl Talk's passion was evident as soon as she touched my unbrushed post-festival hair (I'm slightly embarrassed to share my 'before' picture), and with her long bouncy hair it was clear that I was in good hands.  It's extremely difficult to find a salon that understands the different curl types, in fact traumatic salon experiences are all too frequent, which is what inspired Curl Talk to take up hair care in the first place.

Curl Talk @curltalk

I knew I was in capable hands when I saw these gorgeous curls!

It's easy to become discouraged when your curls don't come out right and turn to the straighteners, however after digesting the catalogue of advice dished out during my Curl Talk hair appointment I was ready to begin my healthy hair journey and get my curls POPPING!  I also took the opportunity to ask how to maintain good curls on holiday as that causes major anxiety when planning holiday looks.  Read on for some useful tips to keep your curls nourished and healthy while enjoying your trip, and you don't even need to be afraid of chlorine damage! 

Pack in your suitcase:

  • A classic Denman brush - "I swear by this brush", says Curl Talk.  "While some people love using a wide tooth comb I recommend using a Denman brush for tighter curls as it detangles every strand".  Personally, I had always feared my hair would break using a brush but watching my curls form as Curl Talk brushed through I was amazed.
  • Micro fibre of cotton towel - "I don't actually towel dry my hair at all, instead I scrunch the excess water out" explains Curl Talk, "but use micro-fibre or cotton if you are towel drying to reduce frizz".  This is an amazing tip, one which I have been using since my appointment and the difference was instantly noticeable.
  • Leave-in Conditioner - Curl Talk recommends the Shea Moisture Jamican Black Castor Oil Leave-in Conditioner but there are plenty of good ones out there, just find one with ingredients as natural as possible.  "The Jamaican Black Castor Oil encourage hair growth" I'm told, and we all want those inches right?
  • Curling Cream Cantu Moisturising Curl Activator Cream is a personal favourite for Curl Talk but again, there are alternatives just ensure the ingredients are as natural as possible.
  • Oil - Righteous Roots Oil is Curl Talk's recommended product to create a barrier against the sun's rays and seal in moisture.
Protection from Chlorine 

"Soak your hair with fresh water before going in the pool and apply conditioner or oil to create a barrier against the chlorine.  Your hair can only absorb a certain amount of water, so this will help prevent your hair from absorbing as much chlorine or salt."  Curl Talk doesn't recommend shampooing hair after going in the pool either, "I personally rinse my hair thoroughly with fresh water as soon as I'm out of the pool to remove any chlorine, but would not shampoo as I don't want to remove any of my hair's natural goodness and oils". 

Say NO to shampoo!
"I don't use shampoo as it strips out the natural oils that are protecting your hair" says Curl Talk, who regularly co-washes instead, "I haven't used shampoo in over 10 years".  We are all made to believe that we should use shampoo to clean our hair, but the amount of chemicals they contain strips out the moisture which is fundamental to get a good curl.  "If you do use shampoo I would not advise shampooing your hair the day before you're going to swim as your hair requires the natural oils to protect it". 
Protect your hair from the sun's rays
"Wearing a hat or hair in a bun or pineapple is a great style for protecting your hair from rays" she says, "and don't keep retying the hair once it is wet as this will lead to breakage because the hair is delicate when it's wet.  Using scrunchies or coil hair bands are much better for tying your hair than elasticated bands" Curl Talk explains.  "And coat your hair in conditioner and/or avocado oil, coconut oil or olive oil.  These oils are fab because they contain natural SPF which will act as a barrier".  
I already feel confident in caring for my hair on the next trip; the tips are so simple yet sound so effective.  I'm so used to returning from a holiday with dry, damaged and brittle hair from the chlorine and daily shampooing.  Now I need to book my next holiday to put them to use....

hard rock ibiza

Hard Rock, Ibiza 

We went on to discuss Curl Talk's top tips for fabulous curls:

Water is the key to a good curl
"Frizz is just a curl waiting to happen and your hair needs as much water and moisture as possible to get a good curl" explains Curl Talk dispelling my belief that it is down to the curl products that you use.  When she sprayed my hair she immediately pointed out that my hair had low porosity; meaning it resists moisture therefore it is essential to get as much water into the hair, which she did by parting my hair into sections and spraying them until they were drenched, whilst coating each section with a leave-in conditioner.  "I'm known for soaking people" Curl Talk warned while vigorously spritzing my hair with her water spray bottle (which needed topping up after 2 sections!).  "Massage in a leave-in conditioner as you work through the section to lock in moisture" she explained, my hair immediately felt nourished.  I guess this is where I should insert me 'before' picture #frizzinghell 

 frizzy hair

Before Curl Talk worked her magic

 Keep Product to a Minimum
"You really do only need a pea-sized amount of product" said Curl Talk.  I found this hard to believe when I looked at the amount of hair that she has!  "If you work the product into your hair when it is soaking wet a little goes such a long way".  I wasn't convinced until we discussed which products she swears by.  "Although I like to mix it up from time to time so that my hair doesn't get used to the same product and it stops taking effect, I love Cantu".  I on the other hand had used Cantu and not been a fan as I had found it too heavy yet my curls were much tighter.  Yes, that because I go overboard with the product as I was convinced that what would give me a good curl.  Look at the difference in the curl definition where I have used a ton of products compared with a tiny amount.  Converted! 

before and after hair pic

These pictures were taken one-month apart 

With Curl Talk's magic touch my curls have never looked or felt so good.  Now I'm clued up, curly and excited for my hair journey.  I've been advised to get a trim every 4 to 6 months and with the Curl Talk salon recently having launched in Brick Lane, I know where I will be frequenting. You can book an appointment to the amazing Curl Talk salon here 

defined curls

After curl-by-curl cut.  Healthy, happy and defined curls

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